Dead Animal Removal Service Perth

Honest Local Dead Animal Removal Perth

If you are looking for a reliable dead animal removal company in Perth? Then you are at the right place. Honest Pest Control can help you get rid of the carcass from your premises at the earliest. We even offer same-day dead animal removal services across Perth and the surroundings.

Our technicians are experts and remove dead animals trapped within the roof or hard-to-reach areas with efficiency.

Expert Dead Animal Removal Service

It is essential to remove a dead animal from the premises as soon as possible. Having a dead rodent on the property is dangerous as it can spread several diseases. If you have placed baits in and around the house and notice an unpleasant odour coming from the walls, flooring, or the ceiling, it could be because of a dead rodent. Get in touch with us to remove the carcass in the most hygienic method.

It is crucial to practice caution while dealing with dead animals to avoid the possibility of cross-infection. Further, it is essential to look out for the entry points. So, if your notice cavities in the roof or wall, make sure you seal them and block the entry points.

Our trained technicians are experts in tracking the dead rodent. Plus, they even look for possible entries to prevent future recurrence. Further, they use the best-in-class and government-approved techniques to dispose of the dead rodent from your property.

Dead Possum Removal Service

Possums die, and it is a well-known fact. Sometimes they die in the most inconvenient spot. Dead possum smell can stay inside the house for a week before the carcass dries out. Plus, even after the odour is reduced, the carcass remains.

If the dead animal is left within the walls, ceiling, or subfloor it can be a health hazard. Therefore, it is essential to take prompt action to reduce the foul smell and risk of disease among the inhabitants. Plus, bacteria involved in the decomposition process seep within the porous material.

So, if you are experiencing a foul smell in the house and are unable to figure out what it might be. Chances are that there might be a dead possum on the property. Dead possum present anywhere in the house can cause discomfort. Therefore, it is advisable to hire a professional to remove a dead possum from the house. Call on +61480017607 and remove the dead possum before the smell becomes unforgivable.

Dead Animal Removal from Commercial Establishment

We provide dead animal removal services at commercial places. So, if you discover a dead animal at your workplace, please get in touch with our dead animal removal Perth team. Our professionals remove the carcass quickly without causing any disruption to the company’s functioning.

Dead Animal Removal from a Residential Establishment

If there is a dead animal in the house, it may become a health hazard to your family and your guests. Plus, it can cause unforgiving odour throughout the house. Contact our professionals at the earliest and effectively remove the dead animal from your residential establishment. Our technicians are experts and carefully remove the carcass and sanitise the affected areas to get rid of the contaminant and foul smell.

What Should you do if there is a Dead Animal Smell on the Property?

Find the source – Look for places with swarms of flies, maggots, bugs, beetles, and other insects that are drawn to a dead animal. You can try the sniff test over the area where the flies are hovering to confirm the location. Further, it is essential to take special care of walls and floor as carcasses release body fluids.

Resolve the issue – Dealing with a dead animal is dangerous, and it is advisable to leave it to a professional. Further, the dead animal smell is overwhelming and can cause severe headaches, nausea, and other health issues. So, if you notice a dead animal on your property, call Honest Pest Control immediately. Our skillful technicians will be at your doorstep within a couple of hours to dispose of the carcass safely. Plus, they sanitise the place to remove contaminants.

Sometimes animals die in hard-to-reach spots and to remove them our technicians may require cutting the flooring or sheetrock or ripping the carpets, or replacing the ceiling sheet.

Why Hire Us for Dead Animal Removal Perth Service?

Here are a few reasons that make us the best choice for dead animal removal service in Perth:

  • Prompt response to customer’s queries
  • Well trained professionals
  • Immediate results
  • Emergency services
  • No disturbance to the property
  • Affordable costs
  • Complete precautions while removing the dead animal

Contact Honest Pest Control today and get no-obligation quotes. Hire us and protect your most valuable asset.


1. Is it possible to contract a life-threatening disease such as rabies from touching a dead rodent?

Rabies is transmitted by two means: first, bitten by a rodent and, secondly, consumes a rodent. Still, if you come across a dead rodent, do not touch it as it has bacteria over the body that can make you ill. Hire a professional to remove it safely.

2. What to do if you notice a dead animal?

Inform the local government officials of the dead animal on the sidewalks, road, or open public space. Further, if you have a dead animal on your property, hire a professional dead animal removal Perth company. Call on +61480017607 to get the best dead animal removal service.

3. Is it essential to remove dead animals?

The dead animal carries tons of germs that can cause several health issues. Further, if it is not disposed of properly, it can put everyone at risk of several diseases.

4. What measures should be taken while disposing of a dead animal?

Our technicians are trained and follow safety protocols while removing a dead animal. It is advisable to wear protective gear while handling or carrying dead animals. Plus, it is imperative to put the carcass in a disposable bag and secure it.

5. Do pest controllers remove dead animals?

Our technicians are skilled and trained to securely dispose of the dead animal to reduce the risk of illness.

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