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Moths can be difficult to spot as they hide inside cupboards, attics, wardrobes or storerooms. Although these insects do not harm you directly, still they might be a reason for outspread of several infections among humans. Also, creepy crawlies, don’t hurt individuals straightforwardly. Also, they can spoil your food items like flour, bread, sugar, eggs, milk and other food items.
Usually, moths sneak into your home through cloth or surfaces. Also, they multiply rapidly and can be much more difficult to trace and eliminate. So, in case you spot a single or couple of moths in your property, it is ideal to connect with experts for immediate moth control in Perth. At Honest Pest Control Perth we provide you with effective and genuine moth control services in Perth. So, to schedule our proficient and hassle-free moth infestation, you can connect with us immediately and we will help you to book an appointment right away.

Honest Pest Control provides genuine and effective services of moth control in Perth. To book our exclusive and hassle-free pest control services, all you have to do is dial our number and talk to the staff. Once the services are booked, our experts will inspect the infestation and strategise a solution that is best suitable for your situation.

Why Choose Us for Moth Control in Perth?

Honest Pest Control is a well-known name in the industry of pest control. We offer the best moth control in Perth. Our expert team is experienced and well-trained. Our staff is both friendly and professional. With sheer professionalism, we also follow a strict procedure to eliminate moth infestation from our customer’s places. Our services are available on all days of the year, even on weekends and public holidays. You can call us any day and anytime to book the services. Apart from this, here are some highlights of our services that can benefit you:

  • 24/7 customer service
  • Hassle-free and simple booking system
  • Guaranteed results and customer satisfaction
  • Expert team with certification and license
  • Local pest controllers with professional training
  • Safe pesticides for eliminating pests
  • Inspection, management and effective pest control

Do not neglect moths or any other pest infestation at your place. Pests do not leave a place if they are ignored. They are not hungry for attention and it will benefit them if you ignore their presence. Call us now and get a pest control treatment.

Signs of Moth Infestation

Adult moths slithering around at home – If you end up seeing grown-up moths that have been creeping however neglect to fly, then, at that point accordingly a sign of moth invasion.

Small moths in the storeroom – Small moths generally will in general fly and stick around the space. On the off chance that you see them going into the house, it is time you counsel an expert moth control organization in Perth.

Cocoons and white caterpillars may exist in dry food things – More frequently than not you may have not utilized food materials that have been in the storeroom for long. These food parcels or boxes can have casings and white caterpillars.

Silky looking cylinder-like designs which hold moth hatchlings – One can track down these somewhere inside the storeroom or closets.

Caterpillar moth with food – Caterpillar silk can regularly be found entwined with little bits of food as an organization.

If you notice any of these signs then connect with us immediately. Our experts will inspect your place and control the moth infestation.

Benefits of Moth Control Treatment

Moths are indirectly dangerous to human beings. If you eat the food contained by these pests then you may get health threats like serious diseases. It is not easy to detect these pests and till you spot them, they may destroy your clothes, carpets and blankets. Also, they can damage a lot of things in a very short span. These species can also cause Asthma attacks in their caterpillar stage. Hence, it is always important to get rid of them by calling professionals.

By hiring experts for moth control, you will get a safe place to stay. Your clothes, carpets, wall hangings and similar staff will not damage anymore. Experts are always well-equipped and have experience in eliminating pest infestations.

Moths are drawn to harsh and messy materials, and unpleasant, grimy material can likewise draw in months because of helpless ventilation and low light conditions. Barring the above procedures, it is fitting to counsel a specialist who is 100% expert in moth control. Honest Pest Control is a popular nuisance control organization in Perth and is known for its aptitude in disposing of and overseeing moth invasion in homes, workplaces and huge organizations. Get in touch with our staff to book our services. We offer same day and emergency pest control services.


1. How do moths cause mischief to people?

They contain the food and can likewise prompt hypersensitivities if they interact with the woollen garments.

2. Which customary food items can be damaged by the moth infestation?

Moth pervades foods like cocoa powder, cereals, grains, espresso and flour.

3. How promptly can moth infestation occur in the house?

Since they have a consistent rearing cycle, moths can overrun your whole house in a very short period.

4. Can you remove moths from my office?

Yes, we provide both commercial and residential moth control in Perth. You can also schedule the service according to your working hours. We follow a flexible working hour system that allows our customers to choose a time of their convenience.

5. Can you eliminate moth infestation in a day?

Yes. We offer the same day moth control services. Call us now and get a moth-free environment in a day.  Having moths and other pests is not safe and even tiring. Naturally, you want to get rid of them immediately. Hence, we offer hassle-free same day moth control in Perth. Our professionals are prompt and value our customer’s time. We understand the need to get rid of these pests immediately. Connect with the staff and know more about our services.

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