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Possums being indigenous species though do not harm directly, it is always preferable to stay away from them. Though possums do not cause any direct harm, they can considerably affect the health of humans in a number of ways.

Are you noticing any signs of possum near your property and looking for professional possum removal Perth services? Your search ends here. We at Honest Pest Control provide personalized same day possum removal Perth services. With standardized and certified pest removal services and our well-versed possum experts, we are considered on the top for possum trapping services with humane handling. Our specialists inspect the level of pest infestation and the intensity of any damage that took place; according to that, we recommend you the services.

The sooner you get to know about the possum infestation, the quicker you call our professional possum controllers. Honest Pest Control is always delighted to serve you. We ensure you that you will receive the best and reliable at Possum Removal Perth service. What are you waiting for? Schedule your appointment today for the same day or the emergency possum removal service.

Why Choose Honest Pest Control?

Honest Pest Control has a team of expert possum catchers who effectively remove the possum from every type of ground. Our services are available at every corner of Perth. All our team members are certified and licensed who provide our possum removal Perth in most places such as restaurants, housing complexes, industrial places, schools, churches, hospitals, government places, and commercial places. You will obtain quality service at affordable prices.

We are known for our specialties:

  • Your safety is our priority, so while performing the possum control techniques we take appropriate care
  • 20+ years of experience in removing possum across Australia
  • 24×7 emergency and same-day services are delivered from our end
  • We promise 100% customer satisfaction
  • Our specialists have full accreditation from the government
  • We have certified and licensed technicians with us
  • Our professionals use advanced machinery and techniques for possum removal in Perth
  • Seal all entry points of possum, as well as locate and remove the dead possum
  • Use only biodegradable and non-toxic chemicals
  • Remove possum trapped in your roof, chimneys, garden, etc.

The Process we Follow for Possum Removal in Perth:

Remove possums completely from your residential and commercial properties. Let our team perform the following process:

  • At first, we examine the possum-affected areas, including roof, chimney, etc.
  • If we find any, we remove possum trapped in your roof
  • Even take out dead possum from the chimney, there’s any
  • Shut the entry points of possums
  • Deodorize and sanitize areas to remove the bad odour of possum
  • Take away possum from your property
  • Eco-friendly possums removal

Moreover, we offer possum removal Perth services to different locations:

  • Housing complex
  • Commercial places
  • Government places
  • Industrial places
  • Restaurants
  • Hospitals
  • School
  • Churches
Providing Same Day Possum Removal Service:

Honest Pest Control offers 24×7 same-day possum control and removal service in Perth and its suburbs. Our expert team is active to provide you emergency service. The advanced techniques that we use are most unique to control and remove possums from your residential and commercial areas. Also, the solutions that we use are eco-friendly for the removal of possums, we ensure to provide 100% guaranteed results and customer satisfaction.

Our possum removal specialists understand our customers’ demands and requirements and accordingly deliver the same service. We also know that it is not easy to live when possums keep wandering here and there in your home or office. In such a case, you must be feeling constant tension. But, don’t stress when the professional Possum Removal Perth team is here. Call us on +61480017607  today to schedule our services or ask for express booking.


1. Are we allowed to kill the possum?

No, we are not allowed to kill the possum as per the law. It is illegal under the Wildlife Act of 1975. However, you can only remove and control the possum but killing it is banned. As a result, it is always best to call professionals who can safely remove the possums from your property.

2. How do I know there’s a possum in my garden?

Through the signs mentioned below, you can recognize there are possums in your garden.

Chewing marks on a plant matt

  • Marks of paws or tail
  • Plants and outside furniture bit from some side
  • Consumes food and vegetation
  • Screeching sound at night
  • Bad odour
  • Droppings of food residues

3. Will you assist me to remove a dead possum?

Yes! We have a specialist who can remove the carcass of possum from your property. Our team is always happy to serve you. Our experts can eradicate a dead possum from your living area, roof, kitchen, garages, and even in the backyard too. We also sanitize and deodorize the problematic area thoroughly. Book our Possum Removal Perth service at an affordable price today!

4. How to deal with possums roaming on my property?

The first thing we suggest is you look for the source from where they enter. Once you have identified the sources, you can seal them so that possums can’t travel here and there until we arrive. As soon as we arrive, sit back and relax as we will look after everything as to how to remove them.

5. What damage can a possum cause to a home?

A possum does not affect directly, but if it urinates, it can cause yellow stains on the walls and ceilings, also the bacteria that dwell on urine can result in allergies and other infections. Further, the stained area makes your home look dull, shabby, and stinks badly.

6. Where can I contact you?

You can contact us on +61480017607; one of our assistance will provide you the details about our possum removal Perth services. To know more about a company you can visit our company’s website and services pages. You can even ask for a express booking if you wish to book our services.

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