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Silverfish are small and sparkly insects that are grey in colour. They come out only at night and are difficult to distinguish for a layman. They are only around

12 mm in size and exist in in moist and black locations in the house. They exist inconspicuously in cavities of walls, roofs, lofts, pipes, drainage systems, stockrooms, closets etc. Their nests are always in proximity to food storage areas. They can eat into newspapers, magazines, fabrics, clothes, silk, food stored in cupboards etc. They also make colonies inside sealed food containers. The objects they chew on become yellow and develop holes. Further, the skin cells they shed trigger allergies and asthma in the people having respiratory disorders and breathing difficulties. They can continue surviving in a place for a maximum of 7-8 years. Moreover, they are predated on by spiders and other bigger insects that also cause many other diseases.

Since silverfish can thrive in climate of any type, it is hence easier for them to set up their nests and eventually huge colonies. Hence, it is naturally easier to take down ½ silverfish than when the colony is established. It becomes tougher to conduct an inspection and silverfish control service for handling the infestation. So, if you come across a silverfish infestation in your home or business properties, it is important to contact a pest control expert like Quint Pest Control that also specializes with silverfish control in Perth. Call us on +61480017607 for an appointment for your silverfish control treatment in Perth.

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Few Tips and Tricks for Controlling Silverfish

You can control the infestation of silverfish from your Perth homes or workplace post silverfish control by following few easy steps given below:

  • Keep your everyday garbage outside your house and empty your dustbin bags on a daily basis. If there are piles of newspapers in dark and closed areas dispose them immediately.
  • If you have bookstands and shelves with heaps of books you need to make sure to keep them spotless and free of dust. You need to always check for visible signs of silverfish in such places.
  • The cracks and fissures in closed rooms, garages, attics, and garden walls need to be sealed carefully. These places are likely hideouts of silverfish.
  • If there are leaks and water seepage from any tap or shower in the house get that repaired immediately. This easy step will prevent the spread and entry of moisture in your house and in a way avert the growth of silverfish inside. Stop water from getting accumulated in any part of the house as that will stop the growth of silverfish and mosquitoes.
  • When you vacuum clean your house also make sure to vacuum the fissures and cracks and then block them. The vacuum cleaner is beneficial in accumulating insects that have made nests inside them.
  • Store important documents in separate files and keep the files in safes. Ensure storage of food items in airtight containers only.
  • Sun dry the things and food items that are not used a lot. That will help in avoiding the development of mould and fungus inside which also attracts silverfish to these items.
  • Hire pest control professionals such as Honest Pest Control for instant recognition and management of a silverfish infestation.

Why Choose Us?

Honest Pest Control is your friendly neighbourhood pest control agency that provides silverfish control, in Perth and surrounding areas at no expensive costs. We are a certified and indemnified pest control professional company. We have been in this trade since 20 years. Client satisfaction, reasonableness, responsibility, and a customer-oriented attitude are the foundations of our business.

  • Our pest control specialists conduct complete inspection of your premises before finalizing the precise course of treatment for handling the pest infestation.
  • Our same day pest control services our highly preferred by all our clients in Perth and the suburbs for our prompt and instant delivery which is at no extra prices.
  • Our pest control teams are provided with herb-based and recyclable cleaning chemicals for every pest control operation.
  • Our pest control team is also armed with latest and modernised pest control machinery that guarantees highest precision in each of the pest control operations.

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Honest Pest Control offers expert, customer-centric and affordable pest control and silverfish control services in Perth. Contact us today on +61480017607 or drop your information and requirements on the form on our website and we would provide you a call back.


1. What are the easiest ways to get rid of silverfish?

Removing silverfish from your home is tough to be carried out with the help of domestic cleaners because of their microscopic size and characteristics. It is helpful to hire Honest Pest Control for your silverfish control issue in Perth.

2. What are the ways silverfish can enter your house?

Parts of the property that have sprigs, fronds and leaf piles that have been left uncleaned for weeks, or land that has weed growth, unused logs of wood, organic matter etc. are hotbeds for silverfish. These items serve as points of entrance inside your house. Any openings, splits, holes, or crevices present in the compound or walkway walls also serve as entry points for silverfish to your home.

3. What household items can silverfish eat on inside the house?

Paperback books, newspapers, flour, canned food etc. are the household items that silverfish feast on.

4. Do silverfish bite persons?

No. it is out of question for silverfish to bite human beings who are bigger than them. Book an appointment with Honest Pest Control if your housing is having a silverfish infestation.

5. What are the signs that my house has an infestation of silverfish?

The only way to identify a silverfish infestation is if you see any visible gaps or fissures in any part of the house. It is always of logic to hire a professional pest control agency for your silverfish control issues in Perth.

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