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Rats and mice are mischievous animals that create lots of trouble in houses and workspaces. Destruction and damage of things become very common when rodents enter a property. House mouse, garden rodent and brown rat are three types of rodents that can be found almost everywhere in Perth. Rodents stay in dirty and moist places. They carry germs and spread them at every place they go. This situation poses serious threat to health of people. Honest Pest Control is the provider of reliable and high-quality rodent control Perth. We are unbeatable when it comes to quality, affordability and professionalism.

How Rodents Affect Human Lives?

There are various problems that arise because of rodent infestation. Let’s have a look at the following threats:

  • Maximum damage is caused to electric cables and wires in cars, houses, etc. They chew the wires and also increase the chances of fire at home.
  • Rodents love the kitchen area because of the food items present in the containers. They feed on the edibles kept in the kitchen and contaminate the products with urine and faeces.
  • Different diseases such as Hantavirus, plague, Typhus, and Trichinosis are spread due to rodents.
  • Rats live in burrows. They start making burrows wherever they find it suitable. This results in severe damage to the property.
  • Warehouses, grain mills and silos are some of the places that commonly become favourite dwelling places of these rodents.

The level of destruction can be high, if the rodents are left unmanaged. Book the rodent control Perth on time from Honest Pest Control and get rid of further expenses.

Common Indicators of Rodent Infestation

Below mentioned are some of the signs that indicate towards the presence of rats and mice in the domestic and residential complexes:


You can find rat droppings in different corners like kitchen cupboards, drawers, store rooms, etc.

Tracks on Dust Surfaces

When rats run and walk over mud, dust or dirt, visible tracks is formed with its tail. This can be useful in identifying the rodents.

Chewing Marks

Rodents use their incisor teeth to chew different things. You can see teeth marks on bathtubs, cupboards, walls etc.


If you can see some burrows in walls, fences, gardens, then chances of rodent infestation are high.

Urine and Grease Stains

Oily skin of rodents and urine can leave spots on various surfaces. If you have been noticing such stains all over the house, then no doubt rodents have entered your living space.

Noise and Sound

Rats become very active in dark and come out from their burrows to cause chaos. Their sound becomes very prominent in the dark and can be considered as the most common sign of rodent presence near you.

Dead Bodies of Rodents

Did you find a dead rat inside the house? Then, it’s time to be alert because other rats can also be hiding in their habitat.

Now that you know about the indicators, start investigating the existence of the rodents. If you feel that the signs are present in the residence, then call Honest Pest Control right away! Our rodent control Perth crew will reach the place to treat this problem.

How Rodent Control Perth Team Works?

The technicians make a solid plan before starting the treatment. Right treatment is determined after a comprehensive inspection of the place by our personnel. Then, all the entry points are traced and shelters are identified.

Baits are placed on all the possible places where rodents can come. The bait systems make sure that no rodent is left to roam freely. Even traps are used to catch the mice. Glue traps and snap traps are common types of traps used by our technicians.

Strong rodent killers are used to kill the rats and mice. Single and double doses are kept at various places in the house depending on the population of rodents. After this, the dead bodies are also removed by our experts.

Honest Pest Control has an experienced team that works properly to make a place free from pests. If you want to book our service, just get in touch via the contact number given on website.

Why Choose Honest Pest Control?

  • Our crew is trained and certified for providing pest control service. All the safety measures and protocols are followed during the treatment.
  • Honest Pest Control offers same day and emergency services.
  • The price of the service is reasonable. Also, no hidden charges will be included as a shock in the bill.
  • The products used by our specialist to kill and remove rodents are safe for people suffering from skin problems and respiratory issues.
  • Our team is quick and skilled when it comes to work. They come prepared with all the required tools and chemicals to ensure client’s comfort.
  • Bookings can be done at any time of the day and night. You can even contact us on public holidays and weekends.

Frequently Asked Questions about Rodent Control Perth

1. At what time the rodents become most active?

Rats and mice are nocturnal animals, but can come out from their shelter in the day to hunt for food and water. In autumn and winter, they go for hibernation.

2. In how many days after setting the baiting systems, the rodents get killed?

At least 14 days must be given to the rodents to come in contact with the baits and the product to show the impact.

3. Do you also offer dead rat removal service?

Yes. Apart from controlling the rats, we also give the facility of removing their dead bodies.

4. Will the rodents be removed completely in just one day?

You must wait for 14 days to see the final results. Sometimes, rats hide in unexpected places. Give them some time to get the impact of the pest control treatment.

Rodents not only ruin valuables like furniture, clothes, food, and papers, but also have a negative impact on health. Whenever you discover the first signs of rodents, quickly reach out to Honest Pest Control for effective Rodent Control Perth service.

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