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Do you have pets at home? Notice them scratching all the time for no reason?

Then you might have flea/ pet ticks infestation in your home. Dogs & cats are at high risk of being infested by fleas. Flea infestation is a threat to both humans & pets; their existence can be torturous and need intervention by professionals.

Honest pest control’s excellent flea control treatment can help you do away with flea infestation in no time. They have been serving quick & all-round solutions to a reputed clientele for flea control. Perth’s most affordable flea treatment is just one call away.

Professional Flea Control in Perth

Fleas get attached to pets outdoors; they stick to their fur and feed on your pets blood. There is a possibility that your pet might bring flea every time they go outdoors for their routine walk. Fleas are small, wigless creatures, reddish brown in color. They lay eggs on your pets fur & their belongings and grow rapidly. However they hatch on upholstery like sofa, mattress, carpets, curtains etc.

They are mostly found on hairy pets like:

  • Dog
  • Cats
  • Squirrels
  • Mice
  • Rabbits
  • Hamsters
  • Domesticated animals

They cause red bumps on your pets skin and are highly annoying to them. So if you notice your pet scratching all the time it’s the flea they are trying to get rid of. In order to eradicate them completely, maintaining your pets is vital, likewise availing a professional flea control in Perth is necessary.

Threats of Flea Infestation

Though fleas don’t harm humans directly, they can cause multiple diseases. Not just that they damage upholstery in your home. Here are some threats flea infestation impose as per our experts at Honest Pest Control:

  • Pets get annoyed and feel itchy all the time. They even get red bumps from flea bite
  • They infest pet bodies & their belonging making it unhygienic & harmful
  • They can cause pets to catch tapeworms; Moreover humans can also get tapeworms if they come in contact with infested pets
  • Fleas can cause anemia in cats and be life threatening to them, thus making flea control Perth pivotal.
  • Fleas also infest rats or rodents hence can lead to outbreak of jaundice in your household.
  • Flea bite on humans can cause skin allergies and require treatment from a proper medical practitioner.
  • Flea bite can also cause iron deficiency & weakness in humans.
Organic, Pet & Child Safe Treatment at Honest Pest Control

At Honest Pest Control we aspire to serve you finest pest control treatment without causing any damage to environment. Similarly we don’t want our pesticides to be harmful to the inhabitants as well. Therefore we use non-toxic & organic pesticides which are completely pet & child safe. So you need not worry about your pest licking the space or children playing around after the treatment. Our solutions are toxin free and only harm flea & other pests.

Why do your Pets need Treatment?

You cannot stop your pets from going outdoors but you can maintain them for their health purposes. Besides availing a flea control in Perth it is quintessential to opt for proper treatment for your pets. Their fur and belongings need to be maintained in pristine condition regularly. Also after you notice flea infestation it is important to treat your dog/cat with proper treatment under their veteran’s observation. The treatment might include professional fur cleaning & pest repellant injection. This keeps your pet healthy and can be helpful in preventing further flea infestation.

How to Prevent Fleas?

  • Certain measures you can adopt to prevent flea infestation in your home are:
  • Vacuuming rooms, upholstery like sofa, furniture, mattress, carpets etc from time to time to prevent pests
  • Disposing vacuum packets carefully and far away from home is crucial
  • Marinating your pets fur properly as dust & dirt in pet fur will help flea spread rapidly
  • Throw away trash regularly and do not leave leftover food uncovered
  • Regularly check your pests for ticks and take appropriate treatment from veteran
  • If you notice even a single flea immediately get professional flea control Perth. Since they lay eggs everywhere and grow rapidly.

Other Services

We serve a wide variety of services to our clients other than flea control in Perth in order to give you a pest free and safe surrounding to live and work in. Our services include:

  • Ant control
  • Spider & lizard control
  • Rodent or mice control
  • Wasp & bees control
  • Cockroach control
  • Bed bug control
  • Termites’ control
  • Borer control
  • Dead animal removal
  • Bird netting etc

Flea treatment at home/ office is important for your peace of mind. You don’t need to worry about fleas while cuddling your pet anymore; with our timely & excellent flea control Perth we can give you a hygienic and pleasant lifestyle at minimal rates. For free inspection & unique pest control treatment gives contact us at +61480017607

Why pick Honest Pest Control?

  • Environmental friendly pesticides that neither harm your property nor your loved ones are used.
  • Customized flea control Perth for 100% customer satisfaction is guaranteed.
  • Well trained & certified technicians are sent for pest control to your home/office
  • We cross check our technicians’ backgrounds for your safety purposes.
  • We use only advanced tools to perform the treatment for better results at pest control
  • We serve efficient pest control at reasonable rates all over the city.
  • Same day & emergency pest control is delivered. We also serve on public holidays & weekends


1. What attracts fleas?

Fleas are attracted by humidity & dampness also pet odor can attract flea in your home.

2. Is killing adult fleas not sufficient?

No, Killing adult fleas is not enough as they might have already layyed eggs, they grow rapidly and in order to eradicate their entire existence it is wise to avail a professional flea control Perth.

3. Do we need to keep pests from the treated area?

No, our treatment is pet safe and once the solution has dried and penetrated in to surface it cannot be harmful to children or pets

4. Do you provide end of lease flea control?

Yes, we at Honest Pest Control also provide excellent flea control treatment even at the end of lease.

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