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If you are looking for a professional ant exterminator in Perth, you are in for luck! Honest Pest Control offers great packages for Ant Control Perth. We offer exceptional and reliable pest control services to clear your property from ants. We even offer a sanitization services to protect you and your family from COVID-19 virus and its variants. Our pest removal and control team is qualified and competent to remove ants of different types from your property with equal effectiveness.

If you have observed any colonies or lines of ants swarming your home, consult a team from Honest Pest Control immediately. In order to remove all ants from your residence and recommend a course of ant management and removal, they would be able to monitor your position and execute well. For Ant Control Perth we are a prominent pest control specialist in the pest control industry. We always have believed in using the most current methods and solutions for exterminating ants. Our extermination techniques are biodegradable and effective.

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Why Choose Us?

Honest Pest Control is a reliable pest control company operating in Perth and the suburban areas that surround Perth. We are the most popular and in-demand pest control company providing extermination and sanitization facilities to residents of Perth and Australia.

  • Our pest control specialists and exterminators are certified and trained to provide pest extermination services for removing a variety of pests ranging from ants, cockroaches, lizards, termites to possum, rodents etc.
  • We are equipped with advanced and up-to-date equipment required for pest extermination.
  • We provide 100% guarantee of our services and also assure long-term results on all pest control services delivered.
  • Our pest control technicians make use of organic pest control products made out of biodegradable ingredients. The products do not pose any threat to your pets, children or pregnant ladies in the household.

What Are The Signs Of Ants Eruption In Your House?

The presence, or ostensible sighting of the ants or their movements in your property are the most obvious indicators of ant outbreak. Each colony of ants can hold half a million ants at a stretch. Hence, it is important to keep the property free of ants.

  • They can build nests anywhere. If you spot sporadic glimpses of colonies of ants in the kitchen then it is possible that there are ant nests in the cracks and crevices in the kitchen area.
  • Ants leave their trails for signalling the other ants towards the food sources. Search for similar trails and connecting through that will help you find the origin of their nests.
  • Check for ant nests in the basement, attics, windows, door frames, cupboards, where different species of ants make colonies and nests.
  • Nests of some species of ants’ nests look like a huge pile of mud. Such nests are found mostly in gardens and you can see minute round flecks of sand which may perhaps be a sign of ant colony.
  • Ant hills at the perimeter of the building or property is also a sign of ant infestation.

Ant Prevention

Finding and terminating an ant colony is the shortest and useful way to control an ant invasion.

Indoor Ant Protection

  • Block any cracks and gaps in the property with appropriate chemicals.
  • Apply insecticide on various points outside the entrance to your home.
  • Do not keep any food crumbs lying down on the floors in your house. Ants do not infest clean surroundings.
  • Place bait traps wherever possibly the ants can create ant hills in the house.
  • Spray the ant trails with insecticides. This can be done by following the lines created by ants in washrooms, basements, garages, kitchen etc.
Outdoor Ant Protection
  • Spray anthills in the exterior portions of the house with insecticides.
  • Get an insect killer to spray in the garden areas. That will be useful for doing away with the other insects lurking in that radius too.
  • Cut short the bushes and shrubs in the backyard that are bending over the house and providing entry points to the ants towards the house.
  • Avoid keeping firewood stacked in the area adjacent to the house. That could act as an entry point for the ants and a hideout as well.
  • Spray insecticide over the lawn from time to time to keep it clean and free of insects. Ants also have a habit of creating ant hills in empty spots on the lawns and roof.

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1. How can I get rid of fire ants from my property?

You need to spray antiseptic liquid every day in parts of the house where there is infestation of fire ants. Fire ants tend to reinfest the property again. Contact Honest Pest Control for effective treatment methods for getting rid of fire ants and long-term solutions.

2. How to remove argentine ants?

You can make use of baits and non-repellent insecticides. Since it is really tough to get rid of these ants because these ants have large populaces and nests. It is therefore advisable to take expert help to get rid of the colonies of such ants.

3. How do I get rid of ants from my kitchen?

In order to handle different varieties of ants it is necessary to have proper knowledge of the ant diversity and useful techniques to tackle them. However, opting for professional assistance from ant control companies in Perth like Honest Pest Control is suitable.

4. How often is it recommended to should get ant control treatment done in my house?

It is strongly suggested for families with high ant infestation to opt for ant control treatment regularly. The duration between the treatments however also depend on the severity of the ant outbreak in your property.

5. How long does it take to completely get rid of ants from the property?

It takes a month for the treatment of ant control to become effective and rid the property of ants completely. Contact Honest Pest Control for a same day appointment for your property.

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