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The safest place for any human being is their home; we try to keep our home as safe & hygienic as we can so that we feel secure there. Unwanted invaders like pests this safe place can become extremely perilous. But with Honest Pest Control’s exemplary pest control services your pest problems will be gone for a toss.

Honest Pest Control has been providing its clients with brilliant borer control. Perth’s best resources are engaged in the process of professional pest control. So before these pest infestations torment you with the threats they impose it is important you avail professional pest control treatment.

Professional Borer Control Service in Perth

Borer is a pest that mostly feeds on woods or old furniture in your house. They lay their eggs in wood cracks and damage timber, wooden beams, wooden furniture etc. Regardless of how much you try to prevent borers they get into your homes through tiny loopholes. Borers mostly operate in the dark hence treating their infestation is very difficult. Therefore opting for professional help is salient. Professionals carry apt resources required to perform borer control treatment to give you desired outcome. Furthermore, professional treatment helps you save time, money & energy.

Why do you Need Borer Control in Perth?

Borer infestation brings in countless threats in your home and need to be eradicated because:

  • They feed on wood in your home or office; therefore they can damage almost all the wooden or timber furniture.
  • Moreover they damage wooden floorings that can cause collapse of entire building foundation
  • They bore the wood completely to lay their eggs
  • Upholstery made of walnut mahogany, oak, ash etc is at risk of damage by wood borer infestation.
  • They have the potential to damage indoor & outdoor plants
  • They attract forest flies & facilitate fungus growth on wood which can cause outbreak of many diseases.
  • The infestation can cause release of unpleasant odor all over the house.

Signs you Have Borer in your Home

In order to avail professional help for borer control in Perth it is necessary to detect if you have borer infestation. Best ways to recognize that are:

The buzzing sound wood borers make while they are feeding or damaging the timber. This sound is mostly noticed during nighttime.

Droppings, grass or accumulation of wood dust or rotted wood is a sign of borer infestation

Tunnels wood borers create in order to move freely in wooden furniture

Holes under the carpet are a major indicator that you might need pest control from professionals like Honest Pest Control.

Fungus in any area of your home or office also signals towards borer infestation.

Worms & dead beetles in home are also because you might have wood borers at home/ office.

Methods We use for Borer Control

Perth is a metropolitan city and hence we serve revolutionary treatment to control pests in your home or office. Some efficient methods we use for borer treatment are:

Fumigation method- This is a highly effective borer control treatment which involves use of a fumigation machine. Pesticide fumes are created and pumped into affected areas. Fumigation method eradicates pests completely; it’s an expensive method but has a long lasting effect. Also this should be performed only by trained technicians.

Spot treatment- This treatment involves application of paints, polyurethane and water sealants on affected areas to treat borer infestation. Humid spaces are treated in order to eliminate & prevent pests; all the affected spaces, furniture etc are dried properly before the treatment. This is the easiest method and is highly preferred by our experts.

Freezing temperature- The affected object is wrapped & freezed for two weeks in order to eradicate borer from that particular object. Later the object is removed from the freezer and left for some time to prevent water marks and condensation. This is suitable for tiny infested objects in the house.

Heat treatment- In this method heat is pumped using a high tech machine into affected areas to eradicate borer completely. Pests cannot bear the heat and die. This helps the eradication of eggs as well.

Insecticides- The entire home/ office is sprayed with organic insecticides that kill pests in the house. This chemical solution seeps into wooden furniture & timber and acts as a pest repellant. This method has a long lasting effect and protects your belongings appropriately.

Preventive Measures to Restrict Borers

Besides opting for borer control in Perth it is crucial to adopt necessary preventive measures to keep pests away. Some helpful tips are:

  • Make sure you keep doors & windows open for some time for proper ventilation & exposure to sunlight.
  • Take care of damp, humid spaces, make sure you don’t place wooden furniture around it and check such areas regularly for pests.
  • Regular dusting & vacuuming is necessary to keep pests away.
  • Availing professional help from Honest Pest Control even if you notice a single pest in your home/office
  • Keep checking your home for larvae, eggs, droppings to identify pest infestation.

Don’t waste your time, money & energy on an enormous task like borer control in Perth. Honest Pest Control’s dedicated team is available to protect your health & property with our exceptional pest control treatment. Book an appointment with us now, call us at +61480017607

Why us?

Apart from our professionalism and brilliance in pest control we offer:

  • Tailor made services are served at Honest Pest Control to treat pest problems in your space.
  • Organic pesticides to treat your home/office; these solutions are pet & child safe.
  • Trained technicians who have apt knowledge of pest eradication & licensed to do the job
  • Free inspection before treatment
  • Pocket friendly rates and no hidden charges
  • Latest technology is used to deal with your pest problems efficiently.
  • Same day & emergency pest control services for your convenience
  • 24/7 availability for enquiries & treatments & services are available on holidays too.


1. How long should I wait before I enter the house after treatment?

Once the solution has dried completely you can enter the house; besides the formula we use is pet & child safe.

2. What is the cost of borer control Perth?

We aspire to provide borer control treatment at affordable rates; they may vary according to your needs & damage. For more details call our helpline executive at +61480017607

3. Do we really need professional help?

Yes. Pest treatment at home is very difficult; professionals carry apt tools & pesticides to eradicate pests completely. Instead of relying on DIYS professional help for long lasting effect is a must.

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