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Termites are pests that belong to the roach species. They often eat dead plant materials such as wood, dead leaves, dirt, or animal faeces. Termites are employed in many traditional therapies, and they have also made an appearance in medical science. However, the damage they may inflict is terrifying. Annually, they can infiltrate your possessions and inflict massive harm. Because termites are secretive, they do not come out in public, making detection challenging.

Honest Pest Control is Perth’s top termite control business. We intend to reach total termite management and eradication with our qualified practitioners. Our experienced pest control team employs environmentally friendly chemical treatments that are appropriate for your household’s wellbeing.

Solutions for Termite Control Perth

Routine Monitoring of Termites

Termite observation devices are established in the event of a termite outbreak or for routine monitoring. Termite infestations and their potential are decreased as a result of this.

Soil Procedure Using Chemicals

In chemical soil remediation, we add a chemical to the soil around a property’s boundary and beneath the concrete foundations. Our Termite Control Perth exterminators are qualified and educated to protect your house or business by erecting an effective barrier.

Destruction of Termite Nests

Termite infestations are eliminated by our trained specialists using the most effective procedures. We operate quickly to eliminate the termite hive in your property.

Baiting of the Termites

Termite baiting is a contemporary and environmentally beneficial method of Termite Control Perth. The termite bait material is placed within a bait station. Incorporating a termite monitoring device within a structure and into the soil surrounding it gives an alert system for termites attempting to attack your house.

Dusting for Termites

The goal of this approach is to eliminate termite infestation. Dusting requires a highly professional approach and works when there is a high degree of termite contamination, and a significant proportion of termites may be treated with dust. For more accurate performance, we utilise the best dust with the lowest toxicity.

Issues Caused by Termite Infestation 

  • Termites can potentially transmit a variety of illnesses. As a result, they are a continual threat to the health of your close relatives, particularly children.
  • Termites cause furnishing destruction, and the expense is usually overlooked by house insurance.
  • Termite infestation is more severe than destruction caused by storms, wildfires, and other natural disasters.
  • Unsanitary surroundings
  • Termites damage trees (mostly crops) during the dry season as well. Farmers suffer agricultural losses as a result of this.
Termite Inspections we offer at Honest Pest Control

Termite Examination Before Purchase

We conduct pre-purchase lumber inspections. Purchasing a new home is a significant financial commitment. Before you buy any residence, we do a thorough examination and give you full findings. Know what you’re getting before you buy it!

Termite Examination (Basic)

We utilise the most up-to-date termite detecting equipment and methods. Termite inspections are performed following Australian Standard 3660. We have termite professionals that are properly trained and protected. Following the inspection, we give a thorough multi-page report with pictures that explains our on-site discoveries. We also give our clients extra information and preventative recommendations.

Termite Control Methods in Perth

Keep an eye on your gardens frequently.

If you discover a hole around a trunk, tree, or lumber and notice termites around it, contact a termite control Perth expert as quickly as possible.

Get frequent termite checks.

Establishing a chemical barrier in the land may prevent the occurrence and eradication of termite infestations.

Keep tabs on the wood and wood items in your home.

Termites can be detected by any flaw in wood goods. You might be able to obtain access to the hole they’ve created by probing it with your fingertip. In the case of smaller holes, duct tape can be used; however, it is preferable to remove the wood to avoid future difficulties.

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Termite Control Perth FAQ

Can termites reappear after treatment?

They can, unfortunately. Termite control is time-consuming and involves ongoing work to ensure these pests are at bay. After your termite infestation has been resolved, our termite treatment specialists will work to build a shield surrounding your house to keep termites from invading once again.

Should termite holes be covered?

Following the departure of the flying termites, nymphs will fill the hole with a material composed of dirt, excrement, and wood fragments. However, the majority of these insects will not attempt to cover up their burrows. If the termite tunnels are tiny and any harm is discovered early on, you can treat the area with a wood hardener.

Is it safe to live in a termite-infested house?

Termites are also not known to transmit illnesses that are dangerous to people. People who live in termite-infested homes, on the other hand, may experience allergic responses or even respiratory problems. Heating and ventilation facilities, in particular, can lead to the rise of irritants and dirt from termite colonies.

What draws termites to a house?

Termites are lured inside by dampness, lumber in touch with especially in construction, and gaps in building exteriors, in addition to wood within the residence. Various combinations of such variables attract various species. Furthermore, geographical location influences how likely residents are to cope with pests.

Is it possible for termites to spread via clothing?

Yes, they can, but the chances of it happening are slim. Clothes typically contain cellulose, which is attractive to termites while also attracting to other insects.

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