A Comprehensive Guide About Borer Control Perth

A Comprehensive Guide About Borer Control Perth

While Australia is home to wide bio-diversity, it is also home to many pests and insects which can make things difficult for humans. For example, the wood-eating borer is one such insect which can destroy your furniture and cause various structural damage.  So, if you are someone who is facing this borer infestation, then here is a complete guide for you.

What is a wood borer?

A wood borer is a kind of a Beatle which burrows and eats the wood. These insects are commonly seen in antique wooden furniture or wooden structures of old houses. This means that you can find a specific type of wood borer consuming a specific type of wood.

Some items which get infested by borers’ are-

Here is a list of items which can be infested by the borers-

  • Wooden furniture
  • Wooden tool
  • Wooden flooring
  • Skirting of floors
  • Antique furniture
  • Decorative wooden items

How can you know that your property has been infested by borers?

Borer infestation is much more difficult to find and spot.  You might spot them, but until the time you can see them, the infestation would have already grown and your wood items might have already being destroyed by these tiny insects. So, to stay safe from borers. It is necessary to know the signs of borer infestation beforehand. This also makes it easier for you to get borer pest control Perth at the right time.

The most frequently spotted signs of borer infestation are as follows-  

  • Exit holes- In case the borer infestation is a new one, then you might spot circular or oval holes in your wooden furniture. You might call an expert for borer control in Perth, in case of such holes.
  • Wooden dust- If you see some dust of wood, then this can be a sign of borers feeding on your wooden furniture. This can give you an indication that you might have to call Pest Control Daadenning Creek
  • Damaged wooden flooring– In case your wooden flooring is infested by borers, then you might see visible damage.
  • Tunnels- Small structures like tunnels in your wooden items might be tough to find but might be a prominent sign of having borer infestation on your property. So, stay vigilant and connect with a professional for Pest Control Watercarrin
  • Beetle eggs-Many times, borer eggs are very difficult to spot with the naked eye. So, if you are suspicious about having an infestation, then you might wish to look closer at wooden objects to find out about borer infestation.
  • Larvae-If you want to prevent borer infestation then check whether you spot some whitish, round insects on your property. These might be borer larvae which grow old and cause damage to your expensive wooden furniture.

How can you get rid of borers?

If you have learned about various types of borers and have seen the damage which is caused, then you might want to understand more about the wood borer control process. So, the best alternative is to trust a professional Wood Borer Pest Control In Perth which might help you to get end-to-end results about borer control. A wood borer infestation which is not handled within the right time might lead to further structural damage and cause material loss. So, you might consider hiring pest control at the right time to prevent further damage.

Identify the type of pest infestation

When it comes to Pest Control Meenaar, the firstly you need to, do is to find the actual place of borer infestation. Here is a list of those

  • Spotting powdered wood around wooden items means the item is infested by borers.
  • In case you spot a white, powdery substance which does not clump together then there are chances of having a borer infestation.
  • If the powder is clumpy and yellow, then there are chances of having borer infestation on the wooden item.



Here is how a borer pest control Seabird


If you do not want to handle borer pest infestation, then it is advisable to get professional Pest Control Watercarrin.  Pest control professionals have a wide experience of several years in different fields and are proficient in dealing with a variety of insects like bees, borers, roaches and other insects through effective methods based on your pest infestations.

Plus, if you trust professionals, then you can enjoy hassle-free services and will not have to feel bothered in any way. And also this can help you to stay away from pest infestation in near future.

In a nutshell,

  • Borers are types of beetles who burrow in wood and survive on that.
  • There are many types of borers that infest various types of wood and furniture.
  • The most commonly seen borer species in Australia are the furniture beetle, the Queensland pine beetle, the lesser auger beetle, and also the European house borer.
  • You can see some exit holes as a common sign of borer infestation.
  • Some other common signs of having borer infestation are timber powder, damaged wooden furniture and damage to wooden structures. These signs are good enough to determine borer infestation and you must call Wood Borer Pest Control In Perth if you spot these signs.
  • To prevent a borer infestation, you might need to replace or treat the wood. For dealing with adult beetles, you might also apply a specialized pesticide and get amazing results.

The best plan of action if you are suspicious about having a wood borer infestation then you need to call a professional for Borer Control Perth

At Honest Pest Control Perth, you can get a plethora of efficient pest control services at affordable rates. So, connect with us now and schedule an appointment for our borer pest control Perth right away.


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